A Camel Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf is the Best Fit for any Occasion

“I don’t have a single thing to wear to the party next weekend”.

The world’s most common and never-ending fight between every woman and her closet. A wardrobe filled with clothes and nothing to wear!

Well, here’s a little help for you!

Apparels and Pashminas suitable for various occasions

If you are planning to visit the beach this weekend, here’s what you should wear- the Floral Off Shoulder Top or the Sleeveless Swing Top along with a pair of denim shorts. Either of them will look amazing on you. But do not forget to carry your cashmere pashmina wrap because you might need it in the evenings when the temperature tends to drop a bit.

camel cashmere pashmina
camel cashmere pashmina

That’s for vacation! For workplaces, you need to go for a subtle colour like beige. If you are headed to a work meeting, impress your client by wearing the Bardot Valeria Sleeveless Sheath Dress along with your camel wrap. That’ll not only look classy, but you will feel confident wearing such a beautiful dress. However, there’s another option for you. You can also check out the Jamie Lace Sheath Dress. This dress will also look fabulous on you. Just wear your smile and bag the deal.

If you are headed to a party, you cannot go for beige! That’s a given! So, why not try out something in red? Check out the Travelers Classic Essential Reversible Tank or the Travelers Classic Solid Tunic. These will make you feel comfortable and yet; you wouldn’t have to compromise with the style.

But if you are getting ready for a lunch date, you cannot wear red because that might look a bit loud in the afternoon. In that case, you can try out something among the blue family. You can check out the Lace Sleeved Shift Dress or the Sleeveless Frill Hem Dress.

Pair it along with a camel cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf. But if you are not up for dresses, you can also wear the Lace Trim Tunic and pair it along with a set of trousers or denim jeans. Pick whichever you feel like, any of these will look perfect on you.

Why are pashminas appreciated to such a great extent?

You might be wondering why pashminas are recommended for every outfit. Well, pure cashmere pashmina scarves are very trendy right now, and they portray class and respect. Pashminas were initially woven in Kashmir. Farmers combed the fine wool from Himalayan mountain goat, and the yarn is so exquisite, people in Kashmir often refer to pashminas as “soft gold”.

Gradually, pashminas took over the entire fashion world and now, camel pashmina is on the move.

Why camel among all the other colours?

You must be aware of the fact that this generation is in deep love with the nude colour and camel can be described as a brownish nude. Thus, camel shawl is in high demand, and it goes with almost everything.

Now you know what to wear and where to wear! Just keep one thing in mind- no matter what you wear, feel confident in it and you will be able to stand out from the crowd every time.